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New Album – ‘Glaschu’ – Home Town Love Song for Glasgow by Mary Ann Kennedy

‘Glaschu’ (pron. GLASS-khoo) is the new studio album from urban Scottish Gael, now Highland resident, Mary Ann Kennedy. An album inspired by Mary Ann’s home city of Glasgow, ‘Glaschu’ features songs and poetry celebrating city life past and present, a vibrant 16-track collection of Glasgow vignettes and vivid images, from the city’s main artery - the River Clyde, to street-life and markets, social deprivation and religious tension, and traditional Scottish sport and play.

Mary Ann Kennedy’s 1st Solo International Release: Gaelic Songs for a Modern World

Showcasing Gaelic as a living, breathing language of today, ‘An Dàn’ is the debut solo album from broadcaster, writer, producer and award-winning musician, Mary Ann Kennedy. Mary Ann Kennedy is a much-loved and respected BBC Radio 3 personality at both a national and regional level, fronting major series and specials on world and traditional Scottish and Irish music. ‘An Dàn’ celebrates her Gaelic world of urban and rural, from the homeland to the diaspora, and is Mary Ann Kennedy’s first solo album.