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Bach to Folk - Lodestar Trio

Bach to Folk – the debut album of ground-breaking classical / folk triumvirate Lodestar Trio – releases 23rd September 2022. Lodestar Trio is an exciting new collaboration steeped in the sounds of classical and folk music. Formed by three highly regarded musicians from seemingly different worlds but bonded by their mutual desire to explore musical avenues and unearth new qualities in centuries-old traditions, Lodestar Trio brings a bold spark of innovation as they blend genres and influences to create a unique listening experience. Why their music is so compelling could be down to the very makeup of the band. British-German violin virtuoso Max Baillie, having graduated from the renowned Yehudi Menuhin School, is deeply immersed in the classical tradition yet is also a keen collaborator. His eagerness to explore led him to work with diverse talents like John Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Steve Reich and Björk.