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JOJI HIROTA - Prayer’s Tale

‘Prayer’s Tale’ – the latest album from Japanese virtuoso Joji Hirota, releases 27th August 2021. Arguably Japan’s pre-eminent multi-percussionist, Joji Hirota has been dazzling audiences for nearly fifty years. With his latest offering, he continues to amaze, inspire, and push the boundaries of solo performance with precision and poise that few could even attempt to replicate.

Ahead of new album, master taiko drummer Joji Hirota talks about 40 years of live performances, huge foldable drums and what it takes to be a taiko drummer

‘Japanese Taiko’ is the new album by taiko legend, Joji Hirota and The London Taiko Drummers. It is a celebration of 40 years of world class drumming from Joji Hirota that has taken him from WOMAD to WOMEX and from Japan to England.