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The Three Seasons of the Andes - Kimsa Pachanaka - LOS RUPHAY

The Three Seasons of the Andes highlights Bolivia's distinctive and unique climate. Bolivia experiences three seasons within its annual cycle—Lupi Pacha (the dry season), Jallu Pacha (the rainy season), and Thaya Pacha (the cold season). These seasons of the Aymara annual cycle (Kimsa Pachanaka translates to three times) have been greatly disrupted by climate change, affecting farming communities and the nation's biodiversity.

New Album: A Cry For Revolution: Los Ruphay Celebrates 50 Years

Few bands get to celebrate 50 years together. Bolivian folklore band Los Ruphay are one of the lucky ones; a band that continues to live and play folk songs and music from their home country to the world. ‘A Cry For Revolution’ is an anniversary album to celebrate 50 years, which is a mighty accomplishment by any standards.