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Vigüela - A la manera artesana

Spanish folk quintet Vigüela have a new album to celebrate, A la manera artesana, ‘In the artisan way’. A bold blend of Spanish songs and dances from the pueblos (villages), farms and rural ciudad (cities) in Castilla-La Mancha. Preserving time-honoured rhythms and vocal melodies of the traditional songs and dances that were first sung there, A la manera artesana is a definitive folk dance and songbook of rural Spain, a well-crafted journey through the music of the terrain featuring acoustic and a cappella recordings.

KHÖÖMEI BEAT - Changys Baglaash

Khöömei Beat and their innovative style are leaping to the forefront of the Tuvan music revolution. They combine traditional Tuvan throat singing and influences with modern instrumentation, producing an inimitable sound and powerful performances. The result is 'Changys Baglaash’. A blistering blend of old and new that firmly establishes them as a musical force of nature and one of the most exciting new bands in world music today.

SONGS FOR LEENA - Improvisations on the Hopi Long Flute - Gary Stroutsos

'Songs for Leena: Improvisations on the Hopi Long Flute' by internationally renowned flautist Gary Stroutsos releases 22nd October 2021 through ARC Music. 'Songs for Leena' is a truly unique piece. In genesis, in production, and as a prologue to the more remarkable story it seeks to complete. A testament to the artist's skill, the album was recorded in one take in a Seattle studio. Stroutsos' intuitive and nuanced performance releases the haunting, plaintive sounds almost unheard in millennia – the ethereal tones of the Hopi long flute.