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Loud and Clear - Otava Yo

Loud and Clear, the latest album from folk ensemble Otava Yo, sees its release on 22nd March 2024. Our world is currently a turbulent place. Hailing from Russia, the members of Otava Yo – like so many others across the globe – are living through a tempestuous time. As conflict tears at their region and causes the world they know to crumble around them, the band find succour and summon strength through their art.

Alondra – Gao Hong & Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde

Alondra – the latest collaborative album from Chinese Pipa Master Gao Hong and featuring renowned Flamenco guitarist Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde – will see its global release on February 23rd, 2024. The eponymous Alondra (Spanish for ‘Skylark’) – is perhaps the perfect totem of inspiration for such an album. This remarkable bird is known for singing some of the most complex melodies of the avian world as it flies higher than most of its kind. The song, of course, is performed in search of companionship. A romantic notion that has stimulated countless imaginations throughout the ages, it is believed that the Skylark has inspired more songs and poems than any other bird.

Seeking the Divine – Jason Carter

Seeking the Divine is a reflective album of world travels by harp-guitarist Jason Carter. Also an award-winning film maker, Jason artistically captures moments in life where a strong sense of purpose was revealed to him. This new album is no exception. Seeking the Divine echoes the inner tranquillity that can come over us, sometimes unexpectedly, when we realise with complete acceptance what our role is within this world.

Duos - Alone - Tri Nguyen on Đàn-tranh and piano

Duos-Alone - the latest album from Vietnamese virtuoso Tri Nguyen – releases 11th August 2023 on Naxos World. For Tri Nguyen, Duos-Alone is a deeply personal project. Composed as a musical letter of love to his late mother, the album explores Tri’s intimate thoughts on life, family, culture, the value of memories and the profound impact of maternal devotion. These private contemplations are shared through the sounds of the piano and the Vietnamese zither known as the đàn-tranh. Nguyen’s mastery of these instruments is matched by his ingenuity.